Image of SC Electric Guitar (Discontinued / End of support)

SC Electric Guitar (Discontinued / End of support)

[Discontinued] Ultra Real-sounding Virtual Electric Guitar - The true sound of Fender® Stratocaster® includes approx. 64 GB, 123,000 samples
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Package of SC Electric Guitar (Discontinued / End of support)

SC Electric Guitar enables you to compose and create natural guitar tracks that imitate real guitar playing!

“Produces amazingly realistic guitar parts”, “Very easy to learn how to execute fluid, real-time performances”, “Fun to play!”, “Sounds fan-bloody-tastic!”
– Sound on Sound Magazine


  • Incredible real-time playability - SC SPM (Super Performance Multi) 

    With SC SPM (Super Performance Multi), you can play ultra realistic guitar performance in real-time. SC SPM is more advanced, playable, and flexible. You can access the expansive number of the playing techniques instantly without stopping your performance and create convincing guitar tracks very quickly.

    Single note Realtime Legato Slide
    Single note Realtime Hammer-on & Pull-off
    Single note vibrato (deep & light)
    Single note mute & picking noise
    Single note gliss down
    Single note gliss up
    Picking Tremolo
    Pinch harmonics
    5th-dyad chord Realtime Legato Slide
    5th-dyad chord vibrato
    5th-dyad chord mute & picking noise
    5th-dyad chord whammy bar with pinch harmonics
    5th-dyad chord gliss down (fast & slow)
    4th-dyad chord Realtime Legato Slide
    4th-dyad chord vibrato
    4th-dyad chord mute & picking noise
    4th-dyad chord gliss down
    4th to 5th-dyad chord hammer-on
    5th to 4th-dyad chord pull-off

    Unison bend
    Special FX (scrape, whammy bar, etc.)
    Fret noise
    Pick stop noise
    Bridge mute noise
    Position change noise
    Natural Harmonics

    Power chord Realtime Legato Slide
    Power chord mute
    Power chord picking noise

    Octave Realtime Legato Slide
    Octave picking noise

    Various chords (Real chords)

    String 3 root flat5th-dyad chord
    String 3 root major 3rd dyad chord
    String 3 root major 3rd dyad chord whammy bar
    String 3 root major 3rd dyad chord gliss down


  • All the pick-up positions can be reproduced 

    We modified the Stratocaster® so we can record the three direct signals from the neck, middle, and bridge pick-up simultaneously via separate output jacks. Each sound of the pick-up microphones was perfectly sampled and all the five pick-up positions can be reproduced.

    neck position
    neck-middle position
    middle position
    bridge-middle position
    bridge position

    You can also change the mix balance of each pick-up microphone.

    SC Electric Guitar reproduces even the switching noise of the pickup selector!

  • Fretboard Monitor 

    SPM automatically selects a proper string / fret position depending on the situation. You can also change the string manually by key switches. The Fretboard Monitor visualizes the current fret position / playing technique you are playing.

  • Auto Stroke Detection 

    With SPM’s Auto Stroke Detection feature, SPM automatically detects the current beat position and identify proper stroke direction (down or up). There are several stroke detection modes and you can also control stroke direction manually.

  • Real chords 

    The extensive number of the ‘real’ chord samples make your guitar tracks very convincing.

    – major, minor, 7th, minor 7th, major 7th , add 9th, 7th-9th, major 7th-9th, sus 4th, dim 7th, aug, #9th, minor 9th, major 3rd vibrato with / without picking harmonics, open chords, power chords (besides 5th-dyad chord), etc.

    Guitar chord sound which is emulated using single note samples does not sound real. SC Electric Guitar includes the huge number of ‘real’ recorded (in other words, ‘pre-recorded’ or ‘pre-played’) chord samples. Each chord instrument can be used as a SPM instrument and you can instantly access the various types of guitar chords.

    Prominy’s guitar libraries are the only ones which include such a huge number of the ‘real’ chord samples.

  • Feedback 

    In actual guitar performance, you get feedback sound when a heavily distorted tone is played in front of (or a certain position from) the amplifier. SC Electric Guitar reproduces the feedback sound. The pitch and fade time of feedback can be changed.

  • Assignable Key Switch 

    All the SPM instruments have Assignable Key Switch feature which enables you to assign any key switches to each SPM instrument. You can combine any SPM instruments to SPM multi as needed and assign key switches, and create your own SPM setting.

    SC Electric Guitar includes a huge number of the guitar playing techniques, and most of them are available as SPM instruments.

  • Double-Tracking 

    This is a technique which is frequently used in recording guitar tracks. It gives the guitar track a nice, wide-spread stereo images and thickness. With SC Electric Guitar, you can reproduce it very easily just by loading ‘SPM double-tracking instruments’. No identical samples are played simultaneously in both channels. You don’t need a stereo delay or tweaking your midi data to emulate the double-tracking.

  • Low note samples included 

    SC Electric Guitar includes the lower note samples (low C – low D#) and is suitable for a wide range of musical genres.

  • Realtime Legato Slide 

    Realtime Legato Slide feature using ‘real’ legato samples is available in single note, 5th-dayd chord, 4th-dyad-chord, and octave-dyad, and power chord instruments. With SC’s Realtime Legato Slide feature, you are able to get perfectly real expressions of the human finger’s legato slide which can not be reproduced with slide emulation by changing pitch.

  • Direct signals from the guitar 

    You can make your own guitar sound so it suits the music genre you’re working with by adding your favorite amplifier simulator. (Amp simulator is not included in the product.)

  • Picking noises are recorded in multiple forms on all frets and strings 

    Picking noises made while playing a guitar is one of the most important characteristics that identify a live guitar recording. That is why we took great care in capturing many variations of picking noises. Adding these noises, with consideration to timing and picking style, will make your guitar tracks sound natural. When you use picking noise sampled from a different position of the fret board than the one you’re applying it to, the result is an unnatural sound because the noise will not harmonize with the original note’s sustain sound.

  • Other features 

    – Expansive number of playing techniques, extreme power of expression that no other guitar library has captured before

    – The world’s most powerful and largest library of a single instrument includes;
    Single note, 5th-dyad chord, 4th-dyad chord, octave, power chords, vibrato, single bend, unison bend, stationary bend, double bend, legato slide, pinch harmonic, various chords, picking noises, whammy bar, special FX, etc.

    – Kontakt Player included -No sampler required!