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License Agreement


This End User License Agreement (“EULA”) is an agreement between you (“Licensee”) and Prominy. It governs your use of the sound library / sound libraries incorporated in the product supplied to you by Prominy. By downloading, installing or otherwise using the samples, ensembles, instruments, presets or any other included content, you agree to be legally bound by the terms of this license agreement.

The provided samples, instruments, and presets are the property of Prominy, and are therefore licensed to only to the purchaser (= single user) who purchased this product from Prominy or authorized Prominy dealers only for use as part of a live or recorded musical performance or for use in audio and audio – visual post productions.

The terms of this license expressly forbid the resale or other distribution of this product and/or individual sound samples contained within as they exist on the disc(s) / in the file(s) or reformatted, mixed, filtered, re-synthesized, or otherwise edited, for use as sounds, multi-sounds, samples, multi-samples, programs or patches in a sampler or a sample playback unit. Selling the samples or giving them away for use by others in the form of sampling or for sample playback units or computers is strictly prohibited.

The usage of this product (in particular samples, instruments and presets) for the creation of a sound library or as a sound library for any kind of synthesizer, virtual instrument, sample library, sample-based product or other musical instrument / software / hardware is strictly prohibited. Individual samples, sound sets or audio loops may not be distributed (commercially or otherwise) standalone. Furthermore these samples, sound sets or audio may not be repackaged in whole or in part as audio samples, sound libraries or sound effects.

This license is NOT transferable. Selling this product to a third party person is prohibited. Buying this product from a third party person is also prohibited. Prominy DOES NOT accept any registrations for a used / resold product. Users who purchased this product from a third party person are not entitled to get support by Prominy.

Renting or lending the licensed product to a third party is expressly forbidden.

Posting these sounds electronically without written permission from Prominy is prohibited. The sound samples contained within cannot be used in any library / encyclyopedia or similar media format created for CD-Audio, CD-ROM, DVD-Audio, DVD-ROM, or Blue-Ray disc type products, including future mechanical media formats, without written permission from Prominy. You can obtain information about licensing by contacting Prominy.

Licensee may install and personally use the licensed product on two devices (e.g. one laptop, one work station), provided that the said product is used only on one device regularly. Simultaneous use on more than one hardware device is not permitted. If the single computer is connected to multiple users, additional licenses must be purchased. In case Licensee changes the hardware, all products on the hardware used must be deleted.

Any problems associated with the result obtained from the recorded data contained within this package / file are the sole responsibility of the Licensee.


[Technical Support]

Prominy shall provide technical support services to the user until one year after the product is discontinued. (Due to unavoidable circumstances Prominy may terminate the support services before that.)

Prominy may terminate the support services in case where the user;
– is in breach of this license agreement
– intentionally inputs incorrect user account information
– damages the credit or obstructs of the business of Prominy
– forces a method for support other than the methods provided by Prominy
– misuses information that user obtained from Prominy

[Download code]

Your download code can be used up to 3 times and expires 90 days after the initial download or registration. The download code still works after the expiration unless it reaches the download number limit, but it may become invalid due to a change of the system that is used for download service or other reasons even before reaching the download number limit.

Be sure to make a backup so you will not need to re-download the product. You don’t have to re-download the product when you re-install it. If you have a backup, you can save a lot of time. Please read this for more details.

If your download code reaches the limit and you need to download your product again, please contact our technical support. There are two options;

– download the product without using a download code (no charge)

– re-issue a new download code (will cost you a fee.)
The fee varies depending on the product. Be sure to make a backup after downloading the product so you will not need a new download code.

If the download code was misused (for example, sharing with others, etc.), a new download code will not be re-issued and the serial number of the product will be locked.


This license agreement is governed by the laws of Japan.
This license agreement is subject to change without any notice. If you have any questions regarding the license agreement, please contact us.


(C) Prominy, Inc. All rights reserved.