Frequently Asked Questions

Download / Install (Continuata)

Continuata Connect stops downloading / installing

If Continuata Connect stops downloading / installing, Please try this;

1. Close and re-launch Continuata Connect and input your download code.

2. Hold the Shift key, then click on the red ‘Reset’ button.

error: "please check your code is correct." "product not available. please contact the vender."

Please include the hyphens when you input the download code to Continuata Connect. Otherwise, the error is displayed.

Kontakt Player / Native Access Error

If you have a problem with Kontakt Player / Native Access (activation, add library, etc), Please read this.

[Native Access] error message; 'library path is not valid '

Please be sure to select the library folder itself, not the folder that is the parent folder of the library folder. For example, after you installed Hummingbird in a folder on your hard drive, you can see ‘Hummingbird’ folder in it like this;
Install Folder/Hummingbrid

You need to select the ‘Hummingbird’ folder. If you select the ‘Install Folder’, You get the error.