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[up to 50% OFF] Winter Sale 2019 - 2020...

Winter Sale – up to 50% OFF (until the 20 January 2020) 45% off – Complete Bundle (Hummingbird, V-METAL, SC Electric Guitar, SR5 Rock Bass 2) 40% off – on all bundles of three products 35% off – on all bundles of two products 33% off – SR5 Rock Bass 2, V-METAL 30% off – SC Electric Guitar 25% off – Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar 50% off – ELECTRIC GRAND PCP-80 SR5 Rock Bass 2 upgrade from SR5 Rock Bass ver.1 $149.00 >>> $69.90 (53% OFF) The offer is available at Prominy Online shop and Prominy authorized dealers

Sound On Sound SR5 Rock Bass 2 review (b...

detailed 3 pages review! Sound On Sound SR5 Rock Bass 2 review (by Nick Magnus)"A… Prominyさんの投稿 2019年10月9日水曜日

New video posted! Empyrean (with KOMPLET...

Prominy SR5 Rock Bass 2 officially supports NKS (Native Kontrol Standard ®) that allows for intuitive and seamless interaction between SR5 Rock Bass2 and KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE hardware. You can control major parameters via KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard / Maschine hardware and software. KOMPLETEKONTROL keyboard’s Light Guide shows available key switches, playable key ranges of each articulation. >> Product details

Lovely Chords

Prominyさんの投稿 2019年7月22日月曜日

Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar update ver.1...

Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar update ver.1.21b released The virtual On-Screen Keyboard of Kontakt Player and Info Pane shows information about the key switch assignment (what articulation / function is assigned to the key), which string is currently being selected, etc. These improvements have been made to NKS (Komplete Kontrol Keyboard) as well. Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar product details Hummingbird The update is available at the My Products page (log-in required) on our website.

Reversible cover

The boxed version of SR5 Rock Bass 2 comes with a reversible disc case cover. The default is the Underwater version…. Prominyさんの投稿 2019年5月21日火曜日

[New product] SR5 Rock Bass 2 released!

SR5 Rock bass 2 is a new version of SR5 Rock Bass that has established a reputation for its realistic sound and used by a lot of professional composers / producers since it was released in 2010. With our expertise that we have accumulated in the development of the virtual guitar instruments for over 16 years, SR5 Rock Bass 2 offers new features / articulations which take the virtual bass guitar instrument to a whole new level. New features in SR5 Rock Bass 2 – Incredible real-time playability – SR5 SPI (Super Performance Instrument) – New easy-to-use interface – Built-in effects and amp simulator – Heavy buzz sustain – Heavy […]

SR5 Rock Bass 2 Free upgrade for those who purchased SR5 ver.1 after 1 January 2019
SR5 Rock Bass 2 Free upgrade for those w...

If you purchased SR5 Rock Bass ver.1 after 1 January 2019, you are eligible for a free upgrade to SR5 Rock Bass 2. To apply the free upgrade, please e-mail to including the following information; – SR5 Rock Bass (ver.1) serial number – Your Native Instruments account E-mail address that you activated SR5 ver.1 Please allow one business day to verify your information. We will email you a serial number for SR5 Rock Bass 2 once your information is verified. * No boxed version is available for the free upgrade.

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This website has been rebuilt entirely from scratch and we would like you to do a couple of things to use this new website. – If you had your account on Prominy online shop before the rebuild Your account information (including your purchase history on the old Prominy online shop) has been migrated to this new website. Please reset your password when you login to this new website for the first time. – If you didn’t have your account on Prominy online shop or you are a new Prominy user Please create your account here. – To all users Please registered your product(s) here. After completing the product registration, you […]

A change in the latest version of Native...

There is a change in the latest version of Native Access. In the previous versions, the ADD LIBRARY dialog was automatically shown after inputting your serial number, but in the latest version, you need to click the ‘Not installed’ by yourself and then click the ‘ADD LIBRARY’ after inputting you serial number.

Back from NAMM

Back from NAMM. Great to see ELECTRIC GRAND CP-80 at YAMAHA booth. Prominyさんの投稿 2019年1月28日月曜日

Artist: Steve Mann

Steve Mann (Michael Schenker, Lionheart, The Sweet, Eloy) joined the Artist section on Prominy website! “Sensational” is the only way I can think of describing these Prominy plugins. For years I have been looking for a great, realistic bass sim which was good enough to hear solo. I stumbled across SR5 Rock Bass and was totally blown away with it. This lead me onto the Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar and it seriously wipes the floor with all competition. They got everything absolutely spot-on with these plugins and to say I am very, very impressed with this amazing company from Japan would be a huge understatement. – Steve Mann composer / guitarist […]