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SR5 Rock Bass 2 (download version) upgrade from SR5 ver.1

SR5 Rock Bass 2 (download version) upgrade from SR5 ver.1
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* This item is available only for SR5 Rock Bass (ver.1) owners. If you don’t have SR5 Rock Bass, please go to this page.

If you purchased SR5 Rock Bass ver.1 after 1 January 2019, you are eligible for a free upgrade to SR5 Rock Bass 2.

Before ordering, please read this carefully.

Please input your SR5 Rock Bass (ver.1) serial number to the Order Comment field when you checkout. After receiving your order, we will check your SR5 Rock Bass serial number and e-mail you a serial number for SR5 Rock Bass 2 once we confirm that your SR5 (ver.1) serial number is valid. Please allow one business day to verify your information.

Your order will be cancelled if;
– the serial number you input is invalid.
– the serial number is used by a different person.

We highly recommend you to order this upgrade using your Native Instruments account e-mail address. That clearly proves your ownership of SR5 ver.1 and makes the confirmation process faster.

SR5 Rock Bass 2

The true sound of MUSICMAN® StingRay5® includes approx. 26 GB*, 21,700 samples
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