[Action required] your user account and product registrations on this new website

This website has been rebuilt entirely from scratch and we would like you to do a couple of things to use this new website.

– If you had your account on Prominy online shop before the rebuild

Your account information (including your purchase history on the old Prominy online shop) has been migrated to this new website.
Please reset your password when you login to this new website for the first time.

– If you didn’t have your account on Prominy online shop or you are a new Prominy user

Please create your account here.

– To all users

Please register your product(s) here. After completing the product registration, you will have access to updates and our technical support.

As the system of this new website is completely different from the old website, your products that were registered on the old website need to be registered again on this new website. The old page for downloading updates (the URL was e-mailed when you registered on the old website) is no longer available. Please register your products again on this new website for future updates. We apologize for the one time inconvenience.


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