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About boxed products

Boxed product

The boxed versions of the products do not comes with install discs. You can download and install the latest version of the product using Continuata Connect Download utility. If you don’t need the box, DVD case, printed materials, instant download versions are available here.

The boxed products come with;

– Download code
– Serial number

Install DVD Request

If you don’t have a high speed internet connection or need install DVDs anyway, we can burn all the files for the product to multiple DVD-R discs and verify them, and ship them to you with a fee. To request install DVDs for a boxed download product, please contact us via the technical support form;

(If you purchase boxed versions at Prominy online shop, you can add the install DVDs to your order by selecting the install disc option.)

Install DVD Fee

Hummingbird: $39.90 USD + shipping
V-METAL: $29.90 USD + shipping
SR5 Rock Bass 2: $29.90 USD + shipping
SC Electric Guitar: $39.90 USD + shipping
ELECTRIC GRAND PCP-80: $14.90 USD + shipping
LPC Electric Distortion & Clean Guitar: $39.90 USD + shipping
LPC Electric Distortion Guitar: $29.90 USD + shipping
LPC Electric Clean Guitar: $29.90 USD + shipping