[limited time offer] SC Electric Guitar 2 Free upgrade for those who purchased SC ver.1 after 1 July 2022

[This is limited time offer – expires on 30 November 2022]

If you purchased SC Electric Guitar ver.1 after 1 July 2022, you are eligible for a free upgrade to SC Electric Guitar 2.

To apply the free upgrade, please e-mail to including the following information;

– SC Electric Guitar (ver.1) serial number
– Your Native Instruments account E-mail address that you activated SC ver.1

Please allow one business day to verify your information. We will email you a serial number for SC Electric Guitar 2 once your information is verified.

* No boxed version is available for the free upgrade.

* After the offer expires on 30 November 2022, the upgrade pricing for all SC1 users is available here


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